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OK, we all know that our first Crossfit WOD may not have been something we enjoyed or ever wanted to do again. With that in mind, Freedom First is rolling out a new program: FIRST WEEK FREE!! That's right, unlimited classes for a full week. You can see what time of day works for you or if you prefer heats or classes. Try it all for one full week on us. See what your friends are talking about, learn who Fran is and just see how great all the people are. How can you go wrong??!! Reserve online when you are ready to try your first class!!!!

Workout of the Day (WOD)

28 Nov 2014

15 min AMRAP 12 wall balls 20/14 10 push ...

Thanksgiving Day 2014

At Freedom First Fitness, we are thankful ...

26 Nov 2014

The roads are kind of sketchy and ...

26 Nov 2014

Warm up: 2 rds 10 Lite KBS 10 Wall balls ...

24 Nov 2014

Buy in; 20 Wall Balls WOD: 7 RFT 10 Ball slams 10 ...

21 Nov 2014

Skill: Front squats Wrist and elbow flexibility work WOD: Front ...

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